Personalized Home-based Physical Therapy

Optimal patient care requires personalized exercise protocols based on your body type, pain threshold, and diagnosis. However, the physical therapists are such time-constrained that they may hand you stick-figure diagrams with scrawled notes to customize for you to use at home.

You may be oft-confused and have difficulty following the instructions. Your inability to perform the exercises accurately leads to frustration and non-compliance. Without trust in the process or any assistance from the therapist, you may often skip appointments. As a result, it leaves therapists with no-shows and uncompleted treatment protocols approved for reimbursement, which have significant effects on their revenue.

While you may experience reduced pain intensity and disability after conventional physical therapy, adherence to brick-and-mortar appointment remains challenging. Nearly 15% of patients do not return for therapy after the first physical therapy visit, with even lower adherence to treatment plans that entails multiple appointments a week.

Enter personalized home-based physical therapy.

Personalized physical therapy

Personalized physical therapy can strengthen the engagement between you and your provider, building trust, and increasing compliance rates. It may bring about clinically meaningful improvements in pain and disability.

Customized protocols

An AI-embedded mobile app can be used to deliver a personalized therapeutic exercise program. The app can help you to perform physical therapy exercises correctly and maximizes their effectiveness.

Contents from the fully-customized program include:

  • Physical therapy videos
  • Safety instructions
  • Progress logs for each exercise routine
  • Certified one-on-one consultations
  • Relevant health information

It educates you on why you have chronic pain, how to fix it, and give a specific, personalized movement prescription to alleviate pain. You can complete the exercise treatment plan at your convenience over several weeks.

The database of custom exercise routines and feedback about your outcomes will allow the therapist to learn which protocols lead to your optimal recovery.

Motion-tracking technology

Your real-time movements can be monitored with an AI-powered 2D motion-tracking technology via a smartphone camera. Motion sensors can identify new patterns in movements and provides feedback on the exercises performed.

By using motion-sensing technology during physical therapy, you can double the amount of data you’re providing to your physical therapist. More data means more thorough recovery treatments and can also reveal new patterns that result in a better, more scientific understanding of other patients. Data can also reveal if you are going through the motions and whether you have completed the exercise routine. It can also expose problems in your progress, which you and your therapist don’t see. Consequently, your physical therapist will have better insight and measurable data on your progress in order to adjust your therapy accordingly.

With more diligent practice and less lag time between exercises and appointments, the motion sensors may prevent you from regressing and set you on a more aggressive recovery plan.

Performance feedback

Workouts can be visually monitored via the smartphone camera as you perform exercises. This enables the app to audit repetitions and offer you real-time feedback. Real-time data provides a holistic perspective of your motions, not just the condition you are currently examining.

You will receive audio feedback to inform you whether you’re performing the exercises correctly and how you may improve. You can also chat with a physical therapist on questions related to specific moves. Communication between you and your physical therapist is available via push notifications and in-app feedback threads that are stored in the app’s secure cloud server.

Sustained adherence

mHealth integration can sustain adherence to exercise-based rehabilitation, which is beneficial for conditions for which exercise therapy is useful.

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