Hi There! It’s Jennifer, your Health & Wellness Coach.

Here are my most cherished accomplishments:

  • I graduated from Florida Culinary Institute in 2002, Dean’s List
  • Completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Course in 2006
  • I have worked closely with Integrative Physicians to understand how nutrition, mindset and movement play an important role in how we handle life’s curveballs.

But here’s what really matters – I am deeply passionate about health, in a kind, compassionate, helpful way that makes it easy for you to adapt and incorporate into your daily life. I love to share all the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past 20+ years. I do the hard research so you don’t have to!

I believe that you will feel better about yourself, make healthier choices and live a more peaceful life. Let me help you debunk all the conflicting nutritional advice out there and find the best healthy plan for you. This is an individualized journey. Take bite sized pieces of what I share and try them out for a bit, see what works best for you. Everyone is different, so don’t lump yourself in with all the mainstream information out there. And most importantly, enjoy the ride!